“Yue Kee” Hong Kong Roasted Goose


Pooh 2



(The edible footprints)

Right in the center of Soho, this Hongkong staple, Yue Kee, has been around for more than 56 years serving roasted goose. This stall is quite famous for its HongKong Style meals. By walking pass the stall you could not stop from the attractive window showing the chef’s movement carving goose, bbq pork , or crispy skin pork belly. After getting to try their specialties and learning their process that starting from raising the specific variety of goose…I realized I was in for such a treat. The goose were moist and flavorful inside and the skin…just could not get crispier or lighter than that. A bowl of roasted goose and rice noodle called “mai fan” screamed out comfort , so many texture and the hot broth just help washing it all down smoother.

If you happened to be in HK, be sure to stop in…it is definitely worth every penny!

เครื่องในพะโล้ และแมงกระพรุนน้ำมันงา หล่ายฝันทานคู่กับห่านย่าง 



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