The Pang Aoung Kitchen

(Food Stops)

Many words about Pang Aoung, the most common one is the Pine Tree forest reservoir  in the north of Mae Hong Son. Many tourists visit here along with the Chinese village that grows tea, one of the royal project foundation, and the reservoir. Our destination in Pang Aoung is “Uncle Pala’s guesthouse” where I had visited 10 something years back, he was famous in the area back then when the road wasn’t all paved up and the area was not much developed. I was there for his home grown coffee where he did everything in house from growing to roasting and grinding (using the big mortar and pestle). This time around, we went back during the Oshun Season to meet with all his cousins who came down from another town to help out in the kitchen during the tourist season.

Aunt Sri and her sister had shown us how to prepare simple, yet flavorful dishes from the area starting with the northern banana blossom soups, cassava tender greens broth, Stir fried Oshun and water bamboo shoot, Seaweed mushroom salad…all ingredients were from the local market in Mae hong son aka Talad Sai Yout

Obviously Pang Aoung in this article did not focus on its attraction for tourists’ eyes but it was definitely a trip to remember for us. Cooking with the locals from the locally inspired ingredients, 2 days trip here was just never enough!

More information about Pang Aoung:

IMG_1317 IMG_0767 IMG_1376
IMG_1258 IMG_1252 IMG_1272 IMG_1323 IMG_1282


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