Bangkok Bold Cooking Studio

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The buzz: Chef Supanut “Ann” Kanarak (previously head of Four Season’s Spice Market) has partnered with Chortip “Nhoi” Ouypornchaisakul (of the defunct Parata Diamond) to open a cooking studio which doubles as a chef’s table for six to ten people. The soon-to-open co-working space Bangkok Regular is handled by Silpakorn University’s instructors who will host workshops like flower arrangement, movie nights and music and photography classes.

In the plate: At B1,500 net, the chefs cook up seven courses of delicious traditional Thai food spanning amuse bouche, appetizers, three dishes to eat with rice and two desserts. Sophisticated Thai techniques are showcased in the mee grob (crispy noodles) and nam prik platoo (minced mackerel chili paste), for which the mackerel is grilled and stir-fried for extra flavor.

The verdict: They don’t aim at fancy but rather delectable, traditional food with solid techniques and fun local ingredients. At B1,500, this is one very reasonable chef’s table.

Phone: 098-829-4310
Bangkok Bold Cooking Studio, 503 Phra Sumen Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours:

daily 9am-10:45pm

– See more at:


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