Betong’s Food Journal

Betong has always been one of my dream destination…..although the reputation of chaotic and terrorists have been the factor that stop me from traveling here. Transportation might not be as convenience but safe and possible.

Food scenes are interesting with the combination of Chinese and Muslim. Tradition Thai-Chinese dim sum is a staple for breakfast. Dim sum that has been making for generations was nothing fancy like the ones we have in HongKong but fulfilling and soulfully satisfying. The most favorite thing we enjoyed was the Chinese soups of intestines and meats (Bagootae), came in a hot pot boiling at the table.

One thing though that people were so friendly everywhere we go. As we were sitting at the mosque one day we were invited to a Khao Yum lunch event at the mosque…and there we have made many friends and experienced one of the muslim tradition that we will forever grateful for.

Sweet but short….Betong is worth a visit.


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