The mom’s Green Curry

Happy mother’s day from Bangkok Bold

Bangkok Bold

(Flavors Of Childhood)

People whom I met during my stay in The States always ask me “what’s your favorite Thai dish?” Well for me, green curry is my favorite dish especially when eating with Kanom Jin (fermented rice noodle). But to be exact, the green curry with home made fish balls that my mom made… is my favorite dish of all time, not that surprising I supposed.

Thai food are varies just like authenticity of all things. This is the real comforting meal that I always crave and nothing would be able to replicate it.

My mom’s green curry is a bit lighter and intensely flavored with fish sauce with only tiny bit sweetness from the palm sugar. With the curry paste that we might have made a few days in advance since it takes a long time, to refresh things up , we pounded in some more fresh ingredients that…

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