Beef Green Curry Stir fries: Cookingclipscookingtips by Bangkok Bold Kitchen and Cooking Studio

Thai cooking involves lots of fresh ingredients and some good meaningful steps. For me green curry speaks for it all it is also one of our nation’s favorite dish, a dish we go to at least once a week.

This recipe we share we give the curry paste a big punch of kick from the black peppercorns and spicy herbs like holy basil to tide everything together. While is version of curry paste is spicier that the original version of your usual chicken green curry, it is so satisfying on a day that big big bold flavors are needed.

Flavors of green curry can change due to its main ingredients, my mom always make it more aromatic from the fresh bird chilies if we do chicken green curry. For fish ball green curry–not too spicy with lots of finger gingers and sweet basil…you name it so again with food..there is no right or long as every details are involved from start to finish…how can it not taste good.

Try this version at home, not too much liquid and more of a stir fried dish with home made curry paste— reduce the amount of fresh chilies if you do not want it too spicy but in this video it is just perfect for Thai spicy palette especially when you get really good beef cheek…to die for I promise.



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